nettskjemar Unreleased

  • add functions to download attachments
  • binaries returned as integer rather than double
  • added general usage vignette

nettskjemar Unreleased

  • add linear scale support
  • fix bugs in codebook and meta data that did not retrieve question data
  • force writing raw codebook and raw metadata to json extension
  • add direct check for if a form has codebook has_codebook()

nettskjemar 0.1.4 2021-05-20

  • simplification of internal code
  • added function to find currently IP address
  • moved CI to github actions from travis (inconsequential for package use)

nettskjemar 0.1.03 Unreleased

  • added JOSS submission paper
  • added options for checkbox answers

nettskjemar 0.1.02 Unreleased

  • codebooks improved
  • Bug fix: all information from checkbox elements now returned
  • automatic incremental download of data happens now at >2000 rather than >1000 responses

nettskjemar 0.1.01 Unreleased

  • Added a file to track changes to the package
  • Codebooks can now be retrieved
  • new meta-data class added
  • Can now add additional columns to data based on meta-data and codebook information